Privacy & surveillance.

 Should you worry
about privacy?

Surveillance gadgets and users.

For many years, people from all walks of life have spied on each other for different reasons. A vast array of spy equipment is often used, from GSM bugging devices to a video spy wrist watch. Purchased by love cheats, private investigations, & even car salesmen, hoping to listen in to what a customer says during a test drive. With great surveillance electronics on the market, anyone can be James Bond or a pro. Some GPS tracking devices cost as little as £50 nowadays, and other spy electronics can really empower the user? Lets not forget about the counter surveillance products too, Bug detectors that really work, not just for a film prop in a movie?

There are so many people engaging in electronic surveillance that the industry supporting it has grown exponentially over the years. Whether it's surveillance electronics for spying on somebody, or a device to check if somebody is spying on you? You will find a vast array of systems available online that can be easily purchased by anyone?

Don't worry, you're probably ok? But if you really want to know, then you  need to check with a counter surveillance device or spy camera detector. It is very easy to use basic bug detectors and anti spy devices, at the very least, it will give you peace of mind.

Data harvesting whether you like it or not.

  For our security or something more sinister.

Not forgetting big brother & similar organizations. 

If we exclude the security services, who spy on us "For our protection" we are left with corporates and business, some of whom engage in mass surveillance programs to collect our personal information, through the many digital channels avalible? data unknowingly left by us as we use any network. A digital footprint if you like to view it this way.

Data is valuable in predicting one's habits and spending behaviors. Powerful organizations collect mass data and store all sorts of private information extracted from our digital footprint. Yes, if you did not know? Everything you do on an internet connected device is monitored and saved in numerous servers across the world.

A colossal amount of data is stored on servers and digital systems worldwide, for anyone to access, if they know how and where to look. You might ask, how does this affect me and should I be worried? In short the answer is no, unless you have something to hide? But there's a bigger picture to consider, Privacy and choice? You are no longer in control of who collects your private information, your preferences have been taken away from you, and that's not fair in a "civilized" world. The situation also infringes on democratic rights, after all, you would be prosecuted for accessing someone's private data under GDPR or even just viewing somebody's digital footprint?

But the world is not a fair place and it's becoming much more dangerous, information matters, especially if it's being used to exploit you. More frequently we see sinister use of people's personal data, but the good news is, you don't have to be a victim? If you know what to do then you can control many aspects of your private life, through controlling your digital footprint.

GPS car tracking products debunked.

Often, it's stated that a GPS car tracking device allows you to track your car if it's stolen. Whilst this is the case with a dedicated tracking device, it's not always marketed clearly by companies selling a tracking device?

EG: some Bluetooth based tracking devices will not work unless they are within Bluetooth range of your phone, not much good if your phone is in your pocket and your car gets taken? Other tracking devices rely heavily on third party infrastructures to work, so may not deliver data when required.

If a tracking device is not connected to a dedicated server, then you might be waiting days for an update depending one what is causing the delay. Maybe the cell provider has issues, or the issue could be a number of mysteries in the loop, who knows.

The point is, dedicated tracking devices work much better if they have a server supported package that's reliable, and so eliminating the necessity of  “man in the middle '' services that can fail for a number of reasons.

Personal SOS tracking device.

Understanding the process between your tracking device and server account is key to getting a stable tracking solution. Especially during an emergency SOS alert? There's not much point in receiving a distress notification from a loved one, only to find out it's 2 hours late, due to failures by third parties in the middle of the process.

So quiz before you buy, make sure the seller of the product owns their own system outright, and is fully in control of all the working parts. Many providers sell white label solutions that they do not own? so piggyback on other suppliers' systems, so to speak. That creates admin delays and more service issues. So before you click the buy button, ask some basic questions about how the service works, and "Do you own everything in the system?" This will ensure you get a good GPS product and support package.

Hidden running costs!

Many providers hide fees, so their GPS tracking device seems dramatically cheaper in comparison to another seller offering the same model. You might also want to consider importation fees for hardware and currency costs if your dealer is not in the UK? , and you're purchasing from abroad.

Asking about costs first, selling an expensive product cheap, is a marketing ploy, designed to hook the buyer into the deal, but then charge for everything else, once you have purchased. Ultimately bringing the price inline with similar models offered more locally, is there normally a reason for a specific product being sold for £200? So if you see the same model at £50, you might want to ask the questions above first before you buy.  

A classic sale hook.

EG: A good quality tracking device like a GL300w list price £50 ? The customer buys the product, but is then charged for all sorts of items, instant activation fee, locations coming into a server, (that's a clastic), expensive sim card costs for data usage, connection fees, cancelation fees, the list goes on.

The same tracking device GL300w list price £195 complete with all fees included and unlimited usage across multiple platforms. World wide coverage and all. No hidden fees or penalties, now that's more like it. 

If you would like an honest product with service supported on a proper GPS server then click here and get in touch, we won't tell you anything but the truth. You will know what it costs to buy and run the product, in advance and trouble free. Supported by a business that's been trading from the UK for over 30 years. Spycraft have sold this equipment worldwide and continue to be the leader in spy equipment and innovations.

A professional bug detector or a great budget spy scanner, counter surveillance devices that are genuine & fit for purpose.

Some bug detectors are incredibly effective
 at locating hidden spy transmitters.

You might ask yourself, Why would I need a bug detector? Only you can answer that question, but if you have been a victim of a bugging champagne, or if you have ever wondered how your ex partner knows so much about you, then it's possibly because you are being bugged in one way or another.

See our vast collection of professional bug detectors on our website, we have detectors for all budgets and only supply systems that we have thoroughly tested first. We only import and supply counter surveillance electronics that are manufactured by the creators, eliminating the chances of purchasing fake or copy products. 

Article by Spycraft editorial team.